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Does my dog need to complete a trial day before boarding?

Yes! All new dogs must complete a trial day before you can create a boarding reservation. Not all pets are suited for a boarding environment, and this trial day will put you and your pet at ease! Trial days are $15.

What are your hours?

We are open 6AM – 7PM everyday including weekends and holidays.

What time should I drop off and pick up my pet for boarding?

Please drop off your dog between 6am - 3pm. Dogs dropped off between 3pm - 7pm will be charged a late check in fee of $12/dog. 

Pick up is 6am - noon. Dogs picked between noon and 7pm will be charged a $12 late check out fee. Pets who are scheduled for grooming the same day as pick up will not be charged the late check out fee.  

Cats may be dropped off and picked up anytime between 6 am-7 pm.

Why can’t I board my puppy before he/she gets all their shots?

Because young dogs are more susceptible to illness, we do not accept any pet that has not completed their entire series of vaccinations. This is usually complete around 4 months.

Can I pick up my pet after hours?

Unfortunately, we do not allow after hour pick-ups because it wakes all the pets up and then they don’t get a good night's sleep.

My dog is very shy and anti-social, is that a problem?

Not at all! All pet care is individualized for their personality and temperament. If they prefer to play alone, we will play with them alone. If they seem to want to make friends, we will try and match them with the perfect group! You may also request for your pet to be played with alone if you choose.

What vaccines do you require?

Dogs – We will need proof of Rabies and Distemper vaccine up to date, as well as Bordetella which must be administered within the past 6 months.

Cats – We will need proof of Rabies, FeLV, and FVRCP all up to date.

All vaccines must stay current throughout entire stay. The Pet Barracks requires a formal vaccination record from a licensed US veterinarian. 

First time Bordetella must be administered 10 days or more before the reservation begins. Final series of puppy DHPP must be administered 14 days prior to reservation. 

Will my dog get to play when he/she’s staying with you?

Yes! Unlike many pet care facilities, playtime is included in the nightly price, and each pet will be constantly rotated throughout the day! So expect your fur baby to be tired when they get home!

What happens if my pet gets hurt or sick while they are there?

Although we take every precaution possible, accidents do happen! If your pet gets hurt, we will contact you immediately and take them to the vet.

What do I need to bring for my pet’s stay?

Whatever you’d like! We provide food, bedding, and treats – but you are more than welcome to provide your own! And your furry friend may like something that smells like home to be more comfortable (a t-shirt, blanket, etc.).

What kind of food do you serve?

For dogs, we serve Grain Free Activa from PetsBarn, and for cats, we serve Purina dry food and Friskies wet food. 

Can my dogs stay in the same room?

Definitely! If your dogs get along at home, there’s no need to separate them while you’re away!

Can I board my pet here if I’m not military?

Absolutely! The Pet Barracks is open to everyone!

When do I pay?

We don’t require payment until you pick up your pet. However, you may pay upfront if you would like to.

Do you require a deposit?

We currently do not require deposits.


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